Organize & Create Discipline
An A-TO-Z Guide to an organized existence

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Overview of Book

As a child, Justin Klosky loved to count, analyze, and categorize everything in sight. Eventually diagnosed with OCD, he found ways to tap the benefits of his condition rather than see it as debilitating. Today's he's founded a successful firm, the O.C.D. Experience, building on his principles of Organize, Create, Discipline to help high-end clients get control of their lives through time management skills, getting rid of clutter, simplifying their habits, and rethinking storage solutions. The O.C.D. Experience also teaches them the discipline to maintain their serene new sense of order.

Carefully organized into more than 300 A-to-Z categories, Organize & Create Discipline brings organization to everything from laundry to legal documents, shoes, toys, kitchen drawers, sex toys, overflowing email inboxes and dozens of other sources of daily detritus. Published just in time for New Year's resolutions, Klosky's unique advice yields peace of mind and radically improved productivity. With a clientele that includes Bryce Dallas Howard, Julie Chen, the Osbournes, and Saks Fifth Avenue, Klosky now makes his unrivaled techniques available to all.

Advance Praise

"Organize & Create Discipline is a great blueprint for getting your home and your life order. From A to Z Justin has nailed it!"

Peter Walsh
Clutter Expert

"Organize, Create,Discipline, now that's my style! I'm a Packer, not a "pack rat!"

Ryan Pickett
Nose Tackle for Green Bay Packers

"Justin's talent and passion for organizing is unparalleled. He literally makes life easier for you! He was born to help us organize!"

Julie Chen
TV Personality, News Anchor, Producer

"Justin organized my life, so it's a thrill to find out just how he organized his own. He knows of what he speaks. Listen to this man!"

Paul Feig
Director, Writer, Producer

"It's choose-your-own-adventure for organization."

Ashley Parrish
CDO of DuJour

"Justin's incredible story is compelling and unique. He's turned a deficit into a strength and has become an invaluable asset at Apartment Therapy. Run, don't walk, to read this book."

Maxwell Ryan
Founder, Apartment Therapy

"This book is hard to read—because every page will inspire you to set it down and go fix up another part of your life."

Jason Feifer
Senior Editor, Fast Company

"O.C.D. is a friendly, personal service that really helps you get settled into a new town. Thank you O.C.D."

Ed Westwick

"Thank GOD all his nonsense growing up turned into something useful."

Abbie Klosky
Justin's Mom

"O.C.D. is the most comprehensive, easy-to-navigate self-help book you'll find."

Jessica Radloff
Entertainment Journalist

"As an expert on the potential clutter of a makeup drawer, I can confirm Justin's book knows how to effectively handle that chaos as well as many other organizational danger zones. What I love most about the O.C.D. system is that it not only tells you how to organize, but also how to avoid the mess in the first place. Genius!"

Hayley Barna
Co-founder of Birchbox

"Justin has trained me not only to happily live with less, but how to live an organized lifestyle."

Suzanne Johnson
Senior Executive Vice President Of Saks Fifth Avenue

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